Wednesday, 4 April 2007

April 4th 2007

Welcome to the new Ranger Blog. I'll be posting anything that happens on this page so keep coming back!

While looking for otter signs around Heronry North last week, we came across what looked like a badger set. I climbed on top and found a hatch, leading to an underground passage. Having no torch, we left it at that. However, I went back with the local bobby this week and we had a look inside. The passage leads to an underground workshop that you can stand up in. It has been disused for some months, and there are no personal effects in there, just tools, parts of a generator (the rest of which we found in the lake), various cans and aerosols.

Basically, it looks like we have a mystery on our hands. Who built it and why? We know that we have a poacher in that area who comes to catch carp, but there is nothing connected with fishing in the workshop.

I love a mystery, but I'm afraid we will have to get the gravel company to fill it in for safety reasons.