Thursday, 7 June 2007

Windmill on the Meadow

This week we made a lot of progress on the Great Meadow. Our two highland bullocks are doing really well and we will announce their new names very soon. Our grazier is so pleased with the habitat that he is bringing more cattle to join them in the next few days.

GB windpumps arrived on Monday with our new "windmill" which will pump water onto the meadow to get it really wet. They came up from Devon and stayed until Thursday night to make sure everything was in working order. Ranger Roland Fletcher has been managing this project and he is delighted to see this crucial phase of the project nearly completed.

When we took on the Great Meadow we decided that the creation of wet grassland was the best use of the land which lies alongside the river in the flood-plain. We have already brought back skylarks and grey partridges to breed, and snipe and green sandpipers have wintered. The future looks very good indeed.

Meanwhile, in the neighbouring paddock we have nine pedigree Border Leicester sheep. They had a very bad start to their stay because, after 20 minutes in the field, a lady from Little Paxton allowed her two dogs to attack them, but luckily they have recovered well, except one that was bitten on the the leg. All visitiors should be aware that, just like everywhere else in the countrside, people and dogs are only allowed through the reserve ON THE PATHS!