Friday, 18 January 2008

January floods

These days we seem to be able to have floods, or droughts, in any month of the year. The picture above shows the paddock where we kept our sheep last year. Now it has swans and ducks in it, including a Mandarin drake on Wednesday.

The floods brought chaos to traffic as both the Paxton and Offord river crossings were closed. Moles and other small mammals had to swim to shore or drown. However, there is a some good news. Dodder Fen (near the River Viewpoint) needs to be flooded quite often to maintain its floristic value and our wet-grassland in the Great Meadow should retain some water for many weeks. We have seen redshank, green sandpiper, teal, snipe and jack snipe there recently.

More rain is forecast so our work on the Ouse Valley Way may have to stop next week. Meanwhile we hope to fill in the holes in our car-park before someone complains that they can't find their Audi.