Thursday, 6 March 2008

Green Team at work

The Green Team is a group within Huntingdonshire Regional College that specialises in environmental tasks. They have done a lot of work in the country parks, at Wysing Arts and in the plant nursery at Godmanchester.

The most recent task they have completed is the construction of a willow screen at post 17 the Heron Tail at Paxton Pits. This enables visitors to get close to the birds without disturbing them, and it provides shelter from the elements. The team plan to construct a stable base and turning point for wheel-chair users, next to the screen.

Post 17 is a great place to view and photograph water birds. Recent sightings there include kingfisher, red crested pochard and smew as well as all the regular wildfowl. The big attraction at the moment is a heron's nest in a low ivy tree to the left of the viewpoint.

Please take a look, but approach with care and try top leave without disturbing a single bird. I think this will be a very popular spot, once people discover it, so please be considerate to other users and don't hog it all for yourself!