Monday, 24 March 2008

Happy Easter

The unusually cold spell at Easter must have been hard on the first spring migrants that arrived in the preceding week. By Sunday, chiff-chaffs that were singing on Thursday had flocked up with goldcrests to forage more effectively as food became a priority. Lets hope the cold snap doesn't last too long. Wheatears arrived over the weekend and, like our warblers and sand martins, these too are insectivores.

Meanwhile we still have an amazing range of wildfowl present, including a pair of smew and quite a few goldeneye.

The first spring flowers poked their heads through Sunday's fresh snow. Currently, colts-feet, lesser celandines, ground ivy and violets are in flower.

I bet the snow brought a spate of photographers out to take special pictures for our photo competition. Have you entered yet?