Saturday, 2 August 2008

Minibeast Day for Families

Today (Saturday) we had our Farming for Wildlife Walk, but it was raining and only one customer came along. Thursday's family event was a completely different story. It was fully booked in the morning, and nearly so in the afternoon. And, the weather held out for us; not too hot and not too windy.

Ranger Kirsty and I laid on a set of activities suitable for the very young and the District Council's Leisure Services department sent us two staff to help in the morning and another two in the afternoon, so, with the help of the parents who came too, there was plenty of adult supervision.

Pond-dipping is always a success and most kids simply can't get enough. Looking for insects in the long grass is more difficult and extremely weather dependent, but we caught quite a few goodies, especially crickets and grass-hoppers. The best aquatic beastie was a water stick insect, which we rarely catch.

One girl came all the way from South Wales, and one family came from Cornwall, but the distance record was set by a family from Maryland, USA. Of course all had local connections and were staying nearby.

The morning group designed their own insects. You can see some of the pictures at and there will be more there next week.