Sunday, 14 September 2008

Native American Day

On Saturday we held a special day for children to learn about Native Americans through dressing up, arts, crafts, cookery and other themes. The programme, which was devised mostly by Karen Howard, our crafty volunteer, was very full. Every minute there was something to do.
Sadly, Karen was ill on the day, but she had already provided us with costumes and craft supplies to do weaving and bead work.
We chose our names. made badges, made our own head-dresses, put on war paint, built a tee-pee, had stories and made bead bracelets, all before lunch. Then we went to the woods to light a fire, cook, play games and have more stories. On the way to the woods we made journey sticks to remind us of what we had seen and, for the big finish, we did a snake dance.