Thursday, 23 October 2008

October Colours

The Pits is a popular place for photographers and some of them can be seen several days in the same week at this time of year as they try to get that perfect picture. The low autumn sun makes for good and dramatic lighting and we have had clear blue skies recently. The autumn colours are with us, but some trees are still green as we haven't really had a frost yet. Sadly this week's high winds may blow away a lot of the leaves, but you can still photograph them on the ground or in the water.

This is also a good year for berries and the redwings are piling into them as I write this. They are extremely jumpy when they first arrive, but will settle down later.

The mid-week volunteers have been out and about in the meadow, clearing willow regrowth and doing the same in the Hayling Reed bed. It's amazing how much growth a willow can put on in a year. We used to burn the trimmings but now we recycle a lot to make screens and the rest is piled up to provide habitat for spiders and wrens, until it recycles itself. While in the reed-beds, we have heard water rails and a Cetti's warbler, and we have disturbed muntjac deer and a fox.

Talking of foxes, it was good to hear that volunteer Matt Fox saw a pair of otters at the week-end, near the moorings. Lets hope we have breeding again this year.