Monday, 12 January 2009

Happy New Year

I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year. Boxing Day was extremely busy here and our event on January 1st was well attended. We also managed to see some good birds on the day. It's amazing how the smew always seem to get here in time for the new year.

Our volunteers started again on January 5th and we set about cleaning up some fallen trees and some we had pollarded. We also painted our new corral so that it is not such a blot on the landscape.

On the Haul Road we have been hedge laying at several points to prevent access to the woodland and to provide a margin that is more suitable for butterflies and nesting birds. This work will continue for some weeks. At the same time we have two new sponsored benches to put in. One will be near the Kingfisher Hide and another will be at the Gully, just along from the Beach on the Ouse Valley Way.

Every year we clean out the deep ditch near the Hayling lake to prevent it backing up. We hope to do this in January.

We have nearly finished planting our hedge around the arable fields. You may notice some green wheelie-bins in the field margins. These are full of wheat that we are feeding to wintering finches and buntings. Of course the local pheasants are enjoying the grain as well.