Thursday, 2 July 2009

New Summer Contract Ranger

Please welcome Rebekah O’Driscoll to our team of Rangers.

Rebekah has spent a year working at the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust Centre at Welney. In September she returns to University in Bristol where she will spend her final year and complete her thesis on the effect of spring flooding on moths in the Ouse Washes. She is here to provide holiday cover for the rest of us and to give extra support to our voluntary wardens.

Meanwhile, Ranger Roland Fletcher is touring the district with a new tractor, making hay while the sun shines (and boy, didn't it shine?) We miss him. Back at Paxton, he has cut and gathered in the hay from our paddock and this will be used to give supplementary feed to our cattle in the winter.

Earlier, Roland and volunteer Davy Jones were tut-tutting about the state of our cereals that they had sown, but after a bit of rain and a few repairs to our rabbit fence, they don't look so bad. We also spent a day cutting the tops off thistles to stop them seeding. There should be plenty of grain for the birds this year and some for the cattle. Have a look in the barley at Peter's Field where you will see some lovely blue cornflowers.