Monday, 7 December 2009

Tree o'Clock

On Thursday (3rd) we finally moved into our new office and the public can now spread out all over our pristine extension. I've never seen the Rangers spend so much time indoors, but it's a real luxury to have somewhere for staff to meet in private. It certainly has improved communications between the five of us.
We will get by on the furniture we have for now, but more will arrive next year.
On Saturday (5th) we took part in a national effort to plant as many trees as possible in an hour. At Paxton, we decided to invite our children's nature club (affiliated to Wildlife Explorers and the WATCH Clubs) to plant 40 hawthorns to create a new hedge at the visitors' centre. It was a bit of a mud bath but we actually planted 50 trees in only half an hour. We could have planted a hundred, but, to be honest, the children had become more interested in mud pies by then. And why not? We were proud of our effort.
Meanwhile, up at Hinchingbrooke Country Park, they had planted 400 trees in 40 minutes! Conegear Park planted 255 in the same time. 'Just amazing.

The secret is in preparation, of course. We needed to provide the trees in advance and prepare the ground. We also had to fence rabbits (and deer) out of the area, otherwise we would have to plant them all again next year.

Next Sunday we have our carol concert, organised by The Friends. Do come along.