Friday, 2 April 2010

Easter Flowers

I nearly always carry a camera with me at Paxton. Sometimes I take no pictures at all, but most days I take few. This week the first true spring flowers caught my eye.

Lesser Celandine by the houses on the Hayling path. When getting close to flowers use your macro setting and watch what you are kneeling in!

Goat Willow in flower at the Visitors' Centre. Although the pollen can be wind borne, on warm days, early bumble bees are often busy on pussy willow.

Speedwell adds a welcome bit of colour in the quarry.

This year is a remarkable one for the amount of Coltsfoot flowers to be seen. These are near Diddington, but there are more on the shores of Hayling and Rudd Pits.

Wild Arum, Lords-and-Ladies, or Cuckoo-Pint along the path near the houses on Hayling Pit.

This week there will be a lot more blossom to photograph. Hopefully the butterflies will come out again if the temperature rises.