Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Man falls down well.

On Monday I had a call from the Hunts Post regarding a "man trapped down a well at Paxton Pits". You can imagine my panic, not just regarding the consequences, but also the fact that I knew nothing about it at all and neither did my staff.

We made some enquires and learned that the Fire Brigade had cut their way through an entrance gate belonging to Aggregate Industries. Adding two and two together, we figured that the incident must have been in the quarry so we called Bardon Aggregates.

However, it turned out that we have a voluntary firemen in our division at HDC and he told us that the incident, which happened on Saturday morning, was in farmland between the quarry and the A1 pits. This land is farmed by Rampleys of Southoe.

So, if you see a newspaper story that says that the incident was at Paxton Pits, it was NEAR Paxton Pits.

I understand that the man concerned is fine. He got stuck down a hole (probably an old irrigation point) in a field, allegedly trying to get his dog out.