Sunday, 9 January 2011

Waxwings at Tescos

After driving around for days with two cameras, binoculars etc at the ready, I found myself at Cineworld in Huntingdon. Just as I drove in, I noticed a large number of birds in the trees around the KFC franchise; they weren't starlings and they weren't eating chips.

About 80 waxwings were crowded into a couple of bushes and no-one noticed them but me. The light was strong and in the wrong direction so I didn't get any pictures, but they moved to Staples' car park, and then to the Water Tower business area near-by. Berries were everywhere but it was water that held them in one place. I watched them drink at a puddle on the public footpath that goes from Staples to the Council Offices at Eastfield House, and on the roof of a container in the industrial park.

I took some pictures that you can see in the monthly collection here.

Wherever you live right now, you can see waxwings. Its a great year for them. Check out your local birding website.

If you want to find them yourself, look near the big, white water tower.