Monday, 26 March 2012

Fun Run

Everyone's a Winner.
Yesterday, Little Paxton Parish Council hosted a tremendously successful charity run that began at the village hall and ended outside our visitors' centre at the Nature Reserve. The event was part of this year's Sports Relief campaign and was sponsored by Sainsbury's, the supermarket people.

Over 200 runners booked to take part and we had great concern about where they would all park. Lafarge Aggregates kindly donated a parking space for the day, but only about 15 cars used it as most competitors were from the village. There was about 60 spectators and most of them walked too, so having three rangers on car parking duty was a bit excessive! Our colleagues at Hinchingbrooke Country Park hosted a similar event at the same time.

The Scouts' catering tent
We were absolutely delighted to be part of this event which was really special because it was a village affair, and a family affair too. Our membership man, Trevor Gunton was delighted to tick up well over 200 visitors before lunch and his wife Veronica was pleased to sell a few secondhand books, especially the sporty ones, on our behalf. The takings in our cafe were good and I'm sure the Scouts did exceptionally well, judging my the queue for hot dogs, burgers and bacon butties.

So, I would just like to congratulate all the runners and their families and say a Big Thank You to the organisers, especially Genny Gellatly from the Parish Council and Keith Ritchie who worked so hard to make everything run like clockwork.