Tuesday, 27 November 2012

New Super-buggy.

When friends of Paul Townsend brought him to the Reserve to hear nightingales singing, they were disappointed to find that our electric buggy was no longer working. Being former rugby players, they didn't give up and Paul was scrummaged round the reserve in a wheelchair.

Sadly, this was to be Paul's last visit to the reserve, but the event triggered a positive reaction by his friends who quickly donated a buggy to see us through the summer.

Just this week, we took delivery of a refurbished Tramper, all-terrain buggy which will be even better for getting around the trails. Of course, they are all flooded at the moment! The Tramper, which cost over £700 to fix up, will be fitted with a plaque in memory of Paul, so, if anyone wants to sponsor our buggy, we will be very happy to have donations. If you would like to buy the small buggy from us, that would be great too.

If you need to borrow our Tramper buggy, please contact the Reserve on 01480 406795 for a short driving lesson with a ranger, then you can book it for your own safari when ever you want.