Monday, 25 February 2013

Nightingale droppings.

In a week when I expect them to find that there is horse-meat in Digestive Biscuits and perhaps even in my sofa, I'm prepared to believe anything.

We all know that the Internet is a dangerous place and that You Tube is where you go for those weird "fail" clips and footage of cute cats that you endlessly forward to your friends. Then, before you know it, you have no friends left. It just serves you right.

So, at the risk being ostracised, I am forwarding you this link from the Philippines (yes I should have heard the warning bells) that I think is about making cosmetics from "natural" substances.

Before you look at it, be aware that it contains images of bulls' testicles, but that's not why I'm forwarding it, (honestly, Matt Johnson).

The reason why I am posting it is that it also contains footage of nightingales at Paxton Pits, shot by my friend Phil K Smith. Apparently they make a facial from Nightingale droppings, and who am I to argue with that? I don't want to be sued, but I'm guessing they use droppings from an aviary containing birds that might be called nightingales, but wouldn't be the same species as ours. At least they are (probably) not horse droppings.

Are you ready? Here's the link.

Come back and read the correspondence:

Good day!

This is Katrina Marjorie Habon from GMA Network Incorporated, a media company in the Philippines.

KAPUSO MO, JESSICA SOHO is one of GMA-7's top-rating primetime News and Public Affairs programs. It is hosted by one of the country's most trusted broadcast journalists, Ms. Jessica Soho. The show features socio-cultural stories, current issues, and special events that air here and abroad every Sunday at 7:45 in the evening.

We are currently producing a segment about "Unusual Beauty Products." One of our elements is Nightingale Bird Dropping Facial. The said segment will be aired on Sunday, February 24, 2013.

In this regard, we would like to ask permission if we could use your Youtube uploaded video of a Nightingale as a video support for our segment which will air here in the Philippines and internationally.

Rest assured, due acknowledgment will be given at your end.

If you have inquiries regarding this matter, please feel free to call us at (0063) 982-7777 loc. 1426 / 1427 or through my mobile number (063) 917 719 8855

Thank you very much and we look forward to a favorable response from you.

Best Regards,
Katrina Marjorie Habon

PS from me......Please don't tell anyone at Huntingdonshire District Council that we could make money through the cosmetic industry by collecting bird droppings. I already collect enough dog poo to supply the whole industry.