Monday, 5 August 2013

A Visit to the Pocket Park

On a garishly vandalised sub-way wall in New York, an enraged citizen had written:
"I hate graffiti!"
Underneath, someone added:
"I hate all Italian food."

Bat House.
Now, I'm not fond of gazpacho but I do think graffiti has its place as community art. Just think how much poorer the current Pompeii exhibition at the British Museum would be without it's Roman graffiti. The jokes and scrawlings of the inhabitants connect us to the everyday lives of real people much more than the official, corporate arts of sculpture and architecture.
The painted bridge.
Those of you who visit Barford Road Pocket Park will have seen the painted bridge and the bat house. Both were completely re-painted in July and I think they look magnificent, especially the bat-house.
Volunteers on a hot day.
The park is also a good place to see butterflies and other insects, but it is most famous locally for its reptiles, especially lizards and grass-snakes. 

If you have never been, or have not seen it in the last month, go down and take a look. What do you think?
Grass snake.