Friday, 23 August 2013

Leaping Lizards!

Barford Road Pocket Park is crammed with lizards; we knew that. This week we visited the railway cutting north of Huntingdon which is another Wildlife Site that we manage. We found dozens of lizards sunning themselves in the late morning sunshine. I would not have been surprised to see a slow worm there as the substrate is chalky, which they like.

Back at Paxton Pits Nature Reserve, we don't have lizards; or do we?

Common lizard on the Railway Cutting.
Years ago a lizard was seen near Diddington so we have always conjectured that they might turn up here and now they have!

This week Lucy who is a volunteer at Paxton Pits was conducting a litter-pick on the Heronry Trail near Ray House Garden where we have some piles of gravel, ready to fill in holes in the road. She was about to pick up a stray piece of rubbish when it ran away. (OK, I made that bit up, but the next bit is true).

For the first time we have a good record of a common lizard on the reserve. If you see one, please let us know exactly where you saw it.

I'm off to Maine for three weeks now, but will try and post a "Letter from America" when I can get Wi-Fi.

Have a good month.