Friday, 10 January 2014

Kirsty's Send-off

Rangers in January 2013, left to right;
Jim Stevenson, Kirsty Drew, Matt Hall, Paul Claydon, Rob Martyr.
Ranger Kirsty Drew left us today to start her maternity leave. Many of our volunteers signed a card for her and the staff made a collection for a stair gate as well as some other gifts and vouchers. If anyone wants to send her a personal message, I can forward it for you.

Most people do not realise just how much work Kirsty did for the service as a whole; not just at Paxton Pits, so I am sure we will all be lost without her. "How do I order toilet rolls?" "Where is the file on this or that?" "Where is Pathfinder House?"

As well as being a Ranger at Paxton, Kirsty has been representing HDC at St Neots Common and the Great Fen Project. For our managers at Eastfield House she has always been a point of contact to the service as a whole and therefore our link back to HQ. The rest of us hardly know where it is!

Our manager, Judi Arnold will be working at Paxton Pits quite often to get to know us better and she will take over the parts of the job that Kirsty did at Eastfield House. It will be nice to see more of her on our site.

During her maternity leave, Kirty's ranger role at Paxton Pits will be filled by Sophie who will start work in early February. I will introduce her to you then.

Meanwhile we all wish Kirsty and husband Mike the very best.