Sunday, 9 March 2014


The Friends of Paxton Pits are holding their annual general meeting on Friday March 14th at which we will unveil the full set of posters for our 25th anniversary celebrations. Of course, the AGM is just for members, so you would have to join quickly to be able to come along. It will be held at the Village Hall (on Little Paxton playing fields) at 7:30 pm.

Every year we fill the hall with about 100 members and it is always an enjoyable event. The business is dealt with efficiently and then we have a celebrity guest speaker. This year, our outgoing Chairman, Prof. Ray Matthews MBE, will talk us through the entire history of the site using photos that he has collected over the years. I will be taking pages of illegible notes in the dark.

So here are some previews of the posters. There will be another one about wildlife, and one about volunteers.

What do you think? (Before you e-mail me, you should know that the award-winning artist behind all this is my son Nicholas!)  You can see his folio on-line. Last month he won the silver award in the Serco/London Transport Museum Poster competition. I have twisted his arm into doing these posters in between a lot of proper, paying commissions for posters and magazine illustrations.

I hope you like them as much as I do. I think they will look bright, cheerful and contemporary when they are printed out. Each poster will be 3 feet tall, though we can print smaller ones too.

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