Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Breeding Bird Season

This is a draft for a press release from HDC. The version that went to the papers was different to this one, but I think this one is better suited to the Paxton blog.

Birds nest in trees. Everyone knows that, don’t they?

In fact, most birds nest on or near the ground. Think about pheasants, ducks, skylarks and lapwings. And don’t forget about all the small warblers, nightingales and other birds that nest on the ground too.

Josh the dog, Michael Matthews,
John and Carol Haran.
Birds are particularly vulnerable to disturbance during the nesting season. If they abandon their eggs or chicks for even a few minutes there is always a crow, squirrel or a rat nearby waiting for an easy meal.

Jim Stevenson, is Huntingdonshire District Council’s Senior Ranger at Paxton Pits Nature Reserve. He told us:

“To give wildlife a chance this spring, I am asking everyone, including bird watchers and photographers, to keep to the paths and for dogs to be kept under close control.  In particular from April until the end of July dogs should be kept on leads on two short sections of path; on the Meadow Trail across the two wildflower  meadows from the Visitors’ Centre to the access ramp and steps; and on the Heron Trail from the main gate (by the Environmental Education Centre) to the dog-bin on the Ouse Valley Way near the River Viewpoint.”

These areas have the highest visitor pressure and are close to a high density of birds as well as hares, deer and otters that all have young at this time.  

By being a considerate visitor to the Nature Reserve you will be helping to increase the numbers of some of our rarer birds and animals as well as giving more people a chance to see them.