Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Parish Boundary Wood

Little Paxton parish boundary more or less cuts our nature reserve in two, but it also provides a corridor of woodland for tree-hugging species to move through the site.

On the map below, I have coloured the boundary in red. You can see it running across from West to East.

It follows Southoe Brook from the Great North Road, along the back of the Sailing Lake and Rory's Wood until it crosses the concrete road and continues to form the bank that divides Heronry North from Heronry South Lake. After a short gap, the boundary wood continues from the Kingfisher Hide to Wray House Garden before it follows the brook to join the Great Ouse at our River Viewpoint.
Everything north of the line is in Southoe Parish while the southern part of the Reserve is in Little Paxton.

You can find out more by watching my little video here.

I'm still struggling with the quality of these at the moment but I hope I can make better quality videos for you in the future.