Sunday, 16 September 2007

Native American Day

On Saturday we had a great time being Red Indians with 16 brilliant youngsters. Our purpose was to use the native Americans as an example of a society that lived more or less in harmony with nature. I played the part of Gray Owl, and Indian Chief from Canada who came to Europe on lecture tours in the 1930s. On his death, his aunt revealed the truth that he was actually from Hastings and had emigrated to Canada at 18 years old. I have several of his books at home and he is a hero of mine.

Karen Howard, who is a very active volunteer at Paxton, made costumes for everyone, which was the main thing that really made the day work so well. She also organised the beadwork activity. Ann Doody organised the making of dream-catchers and journey-sticks and Ranger, Kirsty Drew, did the admin, face painting and generally helped out. Thanks to all.

You can download images from my family website