Sunday, 14 October 2007

Moving house

This week we moved our "Safesite" garage from its base at Bardon Aggregates to the "snakepits" at the old pigsties. Bardons have been very kind to us by allowing us to use their site as a base, but now, with the expanded quarry ahead of us, they need the area to store more vehicles. We are happy to move our equipment up to the farm where it is near to the arable fields. Bardons offered to help us move, so we spent the preceding week clearing the site and preparing concrete foundations. We were almost ready by Thursday, when our tractor took a puncture and ended up standing on three wheels, right in the way of the job. The quarry-men remained unphased and simply shifted the disabled tractor with a fork-lift. The entire 11 ton garage was lifted onto a lorry and moved up the Heron Trail. However, at the new site, we ran into trouble as the truck sank in the mud. Using a CAT vehicle as a tow-truck, they soon had the load manouvered into place and dropped it onto its new foundations. 'Easy as that. Very impressive.

In the medium term we would like to put up a traditional barn on the site, complete with swallows and barn owls.