Saturday, 29 December 2007

January Ice-breaker

I hope you all had a good Christmas. Over 240 people came through the building on Boxing Day, probably in a vain attempt to work off the puddings and pies consumed over the previous day. Quite a few people had new cameras for Christmas so I hope we can expect a flurry of new photos for the website, if not a flurry of proper snow.

The frosty weather prior to Christmas meant that a lot of the lakes were frozen, but birds have returned as the water has opened up and we have had some new arrivals. The star of the show this week is a Great Egret (often called a Great White Egret). This Mediterranean bird is as big as a heron and stands out a mile as it comes in to roost with the cormorants on Heronry South Lake. At the same time a Cattle Egret turned up in St Neots. These are not the birds we expect to see here, especially in winter.

On New Year's Day we have our joint bird-watch day with the RSPB. There will be plenty of guidance on hand and extra rations of hot soup in the centre, all laid on by the Friends of Paxton Pits. ' See you then!