Friday, 4 July 2008

Thanks, Ian

Website Changes

Since the departure of Julian Hughes to Wales, Ian Johnson has been looking after our web-site from the depths of darkest Milton Keynes. Last week was Ian handed the site back to us. I'd just like to say a big thanks to Ian for keeping the site going all this time.

I suspect the site will remain pretty static for a while this summer, but the Blog and the sightings pages are updated remotely, so please stick with us.

If you are a Web-Wizard, or know someone who would like to run the site for us, please let me know at

So, what has been happening on the Reserve?

It's hay making time so we have been really busy cutting and raking. Last week we cut the sheep paddock and we have now sold all the bales. Next week we hope to cut Paxton Meadow, by the Visitors' Centre. However, before cutting the hay, we have got permission from Natural England to collect seed and spread it on the Great Meadow, which is relatively plant-poor. The machine for gathering seed is borrowed from the Wildlife Trust.

Stop Press!

Ten young English Longhorn heifers were put onto our Great Meadow today.

The important point to remember is that all our "farming" efforts are directed at increasing the numbers of animals, birds and plants that used to be found on traditional farms in the area. Grazing and hay making are simply tools to achieve this. But isn't it nice to see cattle in a field instead of a shed?

I'll get some pictures of the cattle later and put them up here.