Thursday, 24 July 2014

Hide Fire

The Hayden Hide at Paxton Pits is gone. It was burned down after dark last night and was still burning at 05:00 this morning when Karen Hunter (a local dog-walker) called 999. There’s nothing left but the brass plaque.

In 1997 the Hayden Hide was won by volunteer Faith Darlow in a competition run by "Birdwatching" Magazine. It was made by Timbergarden and given to Huntingdonshire District Council and is therefore council property. It will cost about £20,000 to replace.

We have made several repairs over the years and last year we used money from the Village Scarecrow Festival to replace the floor.

I have asked a well-known hide manufacturer for a quotation and will use that model to get two more quotes for insurance purposes but the process will take several weeks, no doubt.

I will put up signs asking for any information from the public, but if you saw anything suspicious you can call me on 07810 637543 or email We think that this was a deliberate act of vandalism.

It is a very sad sight to see, but hopefully we will have a better hide to replace it this autumn.