Friday, 25 July 2014

Zebra's Crossing

The Holes in the Haul Road.
Since we put in our two new zebra crossings (or is it zebras crossing?) this week, we have not lost a single zebra!

I snapped a photo (Abbey Road style) of the Hole family using our new crossing. They seem to like it and traffic does seem to take notice.

They are Angela, Kirstyn, Joshua and Samuel who were enjoying some healthy exercise on the road that runs up to the quarry. 

I am hoping that the crossings will make it safer for visitors to cross the Haul Road, which is used by staff, anglers, the neighbouring farmer, dog trainers and boat owners. If the quarry opens up again and lorries come past every few minutes, we will put up fresh warning signs on the approach. 

Did you know that the Haul Road is private and belongs to Oxford University? The a public highway ends where the High Street emerges from the village.