Monday, 28 July 2014

High Summer.

Cricket on wild horseradish
The fading summer reminds me of so many sights I have missed through being too busy: glow worms, nightjars, man orchids, spoonbills, moth trapping, badgers, all missed this year. But this is a season that is special unto itself-  a time for purple emperor and white admiral butterflies, if you know the places to go.

Common blue
Common blue, underside.
I am anxious not to miss the highlights of the reserve in high summer so, despite the heat and humidity I have been poking around the site for my favourite butterflies and dragonflies.

Our breeding birds may be moulting and silenced but there are still family parties of  birds to see and there are mixed flocks of roving birds that include mostly tits and warblers.

Waders are already on the move so you could easily find a sandpiper on the site and it's worth checking out the terns and gulls for strangers.

Ear fungus
After all the sunshine and rain we have had, I bet it will be a brilliant autumn for fungi; indeed there are quite a few about already. They are really photogenic